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“After reading some of the other testimonials about Andrew Rotta and Farm Ethics I don’t think that I could even begin to top them. But, truly, after having the absolute pleasure of doing business with Andrew I can certainly say that I came away from the deal totally impressed with this gentleman’s ability to do as he says, and stay on top of every detail with precision, timeliness, and a calmness that you just have to marvel at. My wife said to me several times throughout the process that he was a pleasure to talk to, always with a smile, exuding a confidence that is very reassuring.

He came to us with a bid that was absolutely right on, and never tried to low ball the offer up front like others did. As a matter of fact, a low baller tried to outbid him in the end, and because of Andrew’s character we wouldn’t have it. Thank you Andrew for your kindness and sensitivity that you displayed throughout this entire process and may God continue to Bless you in all of your endeavors.”

— David & Joanne P.



“Andrew Rotta was pleasant, kind, and very easy to work with when selling my property this last July 2020. He paid for all closing expenses, offered a fair market value, gave me plenty of time to move 30 years of belongings, and even offered additional time if I needed at no expense. I found him to be honest and I liked how he appreciated all the work I had done to my 1904 Victorian house which he will update a few rooms and sell. He will also build another home on my other lot which I’m sure will compliment what is already there on the block. My neighbors are very happy about what Andrew will do on this property, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product too. I wish him well and if the opportunity arises, I would gladly work with Andrew again.”

— Juanita R.


“We sold a city lot next to our home to Farm Ethics Real Estate. Our experience with Andrew Rotta was excellent. He is honest, dependable, knowledgeable and fair. He did all the things he said he would do, handled the lot split with the city, and covered all the expenses involved in the sale. I would highly recommend him.”

— Kathleen S.



“Andrew Rotta was a pleasure to do business with from beginning to end. He explained the entire process of selling my home to him, and was completely transparent about everything. We agreed on a very fair price and he gave me more than enough time after the sale to move out. His partners in the process were very professional and friendly, and the closing was extremely easy and quick. Andrew is a genuinely good guy and I would definitely do business with him again.”

— John H.


“We recently sold our home located in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver, to Andrew with Farm Ethics, and could not have had a better experience. Andrew made the transaction so easy, and took care of all the details, which eliminated any stress or worry during the sales process. He is very pleasant, flexible and easy to work with, in addition to being completely honest, fair and transparent. If you are looking to sell your home, without hesitation, I highly recommend Farm Ethics as your buyer. “

— Jane W.



“In preparation for selling our house of 41 years to move to a Senior Community close to our grandsons, we interviewed four realtors and several independent private buyers who had previously expressed interest in buying our house. All of the realtors recommended significant repainting and a number of cosmetic repairs, as well as staging after we had moved out, but there were substantial differences as to an appropriate asking price.

The day after a unit in the retirement community suddenly opened up in February, a postcard from Andrew Rotta arrived. Given the fact that we had to close on the new place in 90 days and do extensive work on our house after our move, plus take money from our retirement to pay for the new place if we worked with a realtor, we decided to see what Andrew might offer.

From our very first meeting with Andrew to our last interaction with him, we have been continually impressed by his straightforward and highly professional manner. Two days after our initial meeting with him, he emailed us an offer that went beyond anything we had expected. Not only was his offer competitive with the highest estimate we had previously received, but the terms included taking the house “as is” with no inspection, real estate fees or closing costs. In addition, he offered to close within 60 days, while also giving us thirty days after closing to move out at no cost—thus allowing us to pay for our new residence without using money from

Our retirement funds or getting a bridge loan. After talking with the references he provided, including his banker and title company, we were convinced that working with him would have multiple benefits and greatly expedite the moving process.

Over the past three months our appreciation of Andrew has only increased, as he always been cordial and easy to communicate with, quickly responding to any questions or concerns. Moreover, he gave us an additional twenty days to move out completely, which was extremely helpful since it took longer than expected to get everything out of the house that we wanted to use for ourselves, our son, or a donation. Besides treating us amazingly well, he also treats his employees well, including help with scholarships for their children. In sum, we are deeply grateful to Andrew for all that he did to make our transition far easier than we ever could have imagined, with no repairs, no uncertainties, and a competitive price. Working with him was a pleasure and we wholeheartedly give him the highest recommendation possible!”

— Frank and Karen T.